Ivory Pillows

4 Tier “Pillow” cake in Vanilla and Lemon flavours. This is the first time I’ve tried a cake of this type and had no clue how to go about it so i just attacked 4 square tiers with a knife and hoped for the best. It was the most technically challenging cake I’ve done so far and its just about put me off making cakes for life. I also couldn’t get a decent shot of it and this is the only pic i could salvage from a bad lot.

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Elli Warren ...

You did a fantastic job!! its so beautiful!! i wouldn’t know where to start! you are so clever!!

Laura Loukaides ...

I love pillow cakes, this is so so pretty!!
Great work!! Xx

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes ...

Are you kidding me it is so lovely. Each we do something knew it is always a learning experience so hush your mouth about giving up, I would be sooo upset if I didn’t get to see another one of your brilliant cakes. Big hugs coming your way.

Sophia's Cake Boutique ...

I should learn to say no when i bride shows me a pic and says “can you do this type of cake?”. Thank you for your comments, its very kind of you although I’m not entirely happy how it turned out. I don’t think we are ever completely happy with what we do.
I don’t think ill do this type of cake again, i found it stressful and I’ve obviously not worked out an easy way to do it.

Pamela McCaffrey ...

Well it shouldn’t put you off, it’s fantastic but I know how you feel, you can’t relax until it is finished and okay! xx

Goreti ...

I think it looks beautiful. How can you not be happy with it?

Unusual cakes for you ...

stunning. Im with Goreti on this how can you not be happy with it. Its exquisite

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Ivory Pillows