Two-Sided Cake

Both my kids’ birthdays are in August, at the beginning and end of the month. My daughter was turning 4 and my son will be turning 1, so we decided to stick with one family dinner and combine them. I made a two-sided cake for the kids, one side for my daughter and one for my son. The cake was a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling and some fresh raspberries in the layers of chocolate ganache as well.

My daughter wanted a Mavis Dracula cake (from Hotel Transylvania). I made Mavis out of fondant, and airbrushed her side of the cake into a night scene with the moon, stars, a bat flying in the night sky and a shadowy tree to add to the scene.

For my son’s side of the cake I made a classic Winnie the Pooh scene. I made Winnie the Pooh out of fondant, the balloon, and all the bumble bees. I airbrushed his side of the cake into a day scene with the sky and grass. I then painted on part of the balloon string (part of it was made from fondant), the grass and flower, and the bumble bee flying trails.

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This is so good, haven’t ever thought of doing a 2 sided cake such a great concept, love it, you’ve done it so well!

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Thank you :)

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Two-Sided Cake