Minion Banana Cake

This is a Minion “Banana” Cake I made for my son’s birthday today, 4th August. He only said he wanted a Minion cake but I ambitiously decided to make the singing Minions :D. It was not an easy task, especially the part where I had to keep them upright, so you can imagine the amount of support I used on those creatures…and considering as well the fact that I only started making it on the 2nd of August.

The banana which I planned to add was suppose to be a half-peeled one but my son cried and insisted on a whole banana, and so a whole banana it is! I am quite pleased with the result though and my son’s face when he woke up this morning when he saw the cake was priceless. He actually asked me if it was his birthday already…lol.

So all in all, this wasn’t an easy task for me, considering I was pressed for time. I could have done the figures look better and the writing on the cake more professional looking but I just had not enough time. I had to deliver and make my son happy on his birthday. I hope you all like it.

Clarinda xx

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Benni Rienzo Radic ...

Hahaha. Love it. This is awesome! Happy Birthday to your son.

Goreti ...

It is adorable and your “client” was thrilled. How are you going to top this one next year? lol

Klaras Cakes ...

Thank you, AdventuresInCaking. My son loves this so much :) xx

Klaras Cakes ...

Thank you, Goreti :). He was thrilled, indeed :). With little kids, I found out they never run out of ideas…lol. xxx

Elli Warren ...

This is so cute!! :-)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Great job!!! Love it!!! xxx

K Blake Jordan ...

Love it!

Klaras Cakes ...

Thank you ladies for the comments :). My little man loved hi cake so much :) x

Karen Flude ...

I think it’s brilliant!! I’m having a go at Minions this week, so I know they are a lot more difficult than they look. Well done, your son will be really proud of his Mom xx

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Minion Banana Cake