First communion inspiration

this was a special cake for a special little girl….

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Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Lovely!!! xxx

Elli Warren ...

I agree!! so lovely!! :-)

Diana ...

I hated parting from this one… there was just something special with this one… but I need practice…. I’ve tried making this exact face more then once and no two ever come out the same… thanks again for the comments… Isabel’s face when she saw her cake was worth a million! :)

miettes ...

Very nice cake, love the look on the girl :-)

Diana ...

thanks Dina!

Goreti ...

I can see why you hated parting with this one. It is so adorable!

Diana ...

Goreti… for a beginner who is still trying to master gumpaste it is hard… and when you have a piece turn out you just want to hold on to it…. I just fell in love with her…..

thanks for the comment!!!

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First communion inspiration