Princess and Chuck.......

Starting pieces of my Star Wars Angry birds cake, which I finished yesterday for my son’s Class birthday party. Will upload the cake shortly.

To me they both look like a bride and a groom that I simply had to load them separately :-)….

Made with RKT and fondant.

The last picture shows the aftermath……….The state of the Angry Birds after a battle with my kids.

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Sasi, Sydney Australia,,


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Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake! ...

Wow! Awesome! The Star Wars version! Can’t wait to see the finished cake with Hans Solo and Princess Lea together! :)

CakesbySasi ...

Greatly appreciated Pauline, thank you so much. Yours cakes are always wonderfully awesome :-)

Elli Warren ...

Aww Sasi they are so cute!! love the expression on the yellow bird!! and i love how your children ate all the face bits first!! can’t wait to see finished cake!! :-)

CakesbySasi ...

Aww… Thanks so much Elli…..They were actually waiting to attack it at the first opportunity…..all that work …pooof gone in five minutes ;-)

CakesbySasi ...

Thank you Pauline and Elli for adding it into your favourites :-)

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Princess and Chuck.......