Random Acts' Hope To Haiti Cake Contest Entry

AKA Team Free Will Go To Haiti.

I’ve spent well over a week making this cake. It’s for a competition my favourite charity "Random Acts ":http://www.therandomact.org/ is holding alongside their other Homewarming celebrations, while their team are out in Haiti adding the finishing touches to the Jacmel Children’s Centre, which has been brought to life in the past three years because of Random Acts’ efforts.

It’s an absolutely beautiful charity, which was co-founded by one of the most selfless and wonderful actors I’ve ever seen: Misha Collins. I strongly recommend you guys go and check out their website, because it really is a unique charity, in terms of how they operate.

MORE PHOTOS can be found on my Facebook Page HERE. (My internet isn’t good enough to upload more than two photos to this site right now.) The description on the album is also much more in-depth.

Those of you who’re familiar with the TV Show “Supernatural” will hopefully recognise that the men on the cake are the shows lead characters – Dean, Sam, and Castiel. THe second photo I uploaded includes the photos I used for the face references, and on the right, are the Misha Collins – related items which inspired each tier: The Sock Monkey Hat, the Jacmel Children’s Centre sign that was painted at the Centre a few days ago, and the godawful Snowflake cardigan worn in The French Mistake.


The top tier is a banana and chocolate mud cake, with banana frosting.
The middle tier is rosewater and poppyseed sponge, with a light, yet rich, white chocolate frosting.
The bottom tier is a cake dummy. Tastiest of the three, obviously.

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CuriAUSSIEty Cakes ...

Awesome cake and an even more awesome charity!!!

Laura Loukaides ...

I’m a self confessed supernatural addict,
So, as you can imagine, this cake is PERFECT!!
I Just love everything about this, Random Acts is such an
Incredible charity, you’ve done them proud!!
Massive good luck to you!! Xx

Goreti ...


Jess Nixon ...

Goreti: Thanks!

Laura: Thank you so much! Your comment kinda made me tear up a little bit. :’)

Curiassietycakes: Thanks! They definitely are an awesome charity!

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Random Acts' Hope To Haiti Cake Contest Entry