"Less is More" Rainbow-Cake

Some say “Less is more”.
This cake may have “Less” on the outside, it most certainly has "More"on the inside!! :-)

You should have seen the faces of the wedding-quests! They probably tought “what a boring cake”, but when the maried couple cut the cake, they where all pleasantly surprised.

Just the reaction the bride & groom had aimed for!

Tags: wedding white red orange green violet purple blue yellow pink cake vanilla

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Xclusive ...

Nice concept!

Op en Top Taart ...

Thanks! I would have prefered to have some white decoration on the cake but the weddingcouple insisted to have it like this.

Peggy Does Cake ...

Wow! You are fearless! People have NO idea how hard this is! Can’t even cover one tiny flaw with a tiny flower! This is awesome! Well done!

Op en Top Taart ...

Thanks Peggy! That’s exactly why I hesitatet a bit before accepting the job! I’m so glad that it turned out ok.

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"Less is More" Rainbow-Cake