Kimmi Dolls Birthday Cake

The first photo shows a 3-layered banana walnut cake to celebrate a 7 year-old’s birthday. The celebrant’s favorite dolls served as the inspiration for this cake.

  • The bottom layer has the Kimmi Doll Yasuyo (her name translates to “truthful”). Her kimono has beautiful butterflies and red blossoms while her hair has a butterfly clip. This layer in turn is decorated by light-colored butterflies gracing a floral motif on a red fondant.
  • The middle layer is a white fondant cake that has the charm of the Kimmi Doll Masami (“elegant beauty”). Her black kimono gown is adorned with colourful fans while her dark hair has matching colourful fans. The strong colors of the fan are perfect against the stark white background.
  • The top layer has the Kimmi Doll Tomoka (“true friend”). Her pure white hair has pretty golden blossoms, just like her black kimono, which has white. She is holding a gold umbrella with black blossoms. Inspiration for this layer’s design draws heavily from her golden umbrella.
  • For the cake topper, the Kimmi Doll Norika, whose name means “beauty”, stands proudly at the top. Her pink kimono robe has a red sash with flowers and leaves.

The second photo gives a better view of the bottom layer. It is a red cake that has Yasuyo standing by the side of the cake, which is beautifully decorated with butterflies and grand flowers.

The third photo, featuring the middle layer, is a cake in ivory fondant. It contains the name of the celebrant: “CHARLIZE”, with her name translated in the Japanese phonetic alphabet, as she celebrates her 7th birthday. The cake is decorated with gum paste fans.

The fourth photo shows the top layer. This is the layer where Tomoka’s umbrellas decorate the cake. The prominent black of Tomoka’s kimono provides a great contrast with the light tone of the layer’s fondant.

The last photo focuses on the cake topper, the gum paste Norika, which, like all the other dolls, are executed in sugar. She acts as a unifying element in the cake. Her pink kimono is a far cry from the other three dolls’ darker kimono colors, and softens the tone of the cake. She brings the whole piece together, finishing off the cake’s tapering shape.

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Penk Ching


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Michal Bulla ...

Wow, what a gorgeous cake!

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Really Gorgeous!!

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Simply Amazing Cake… :o)

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LOVE this!!
Incredible job!! Xx

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Gorgeous! What a great job you have done!

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How adorable!

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wow, very pretty!

Beth Mottershead ...

Beautiful! xx

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it’s so beautiful!!

Penk Ching ...

Thank you for all the supportive comments!

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Nice one sis!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love it!!! Welcome to CakesDecor Penk!!! xxx