Newton's Cradle Graduation Cake

So excited to share this Newton’s Cradle Grad Cake I just delivered for a co-worker’s son who graduated today. I apologize for the rough photo because I was in much hurry that I only took this with my cellphone and rushed out to deliver.. I can’t be late!!! at the venue, I added a red gumpaste rose to add color and liven the vintage look of the cake…And then, I forgot to take a picture of the cake when it was all set up at the venue! :(

The spheres of the cradle are made from chocolate suspended from a gumpaste covered copper hanger. The spoc e cake books are old Physics and Integral calculus book, favorite subjects of the celebrant, who was so happy that the spheres could actually swing and be eaten!!!

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The Cake Tin ...

I love it, such a cool idea :)

Beata Khoo ...

Very nice, i love it ;)

Goreti ...

What a great idea!

3DSweets ...

Very cool!!

Bożena ...


Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

AWESOME!!!! Love it!!! xxx

Sweet ObsesShan ...

Very cool

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Newton's Cradle Graduation Cake