21st Birthday - Exploding Stars and Gumpaste Figurine

A lot of work went into the final design choice – no pink, no bling, I was struggling to come up with anything until they mentioned that she was sporty – they decided on her in her touchy footy uniform – which I’m afraid will have to be allowed some artistic licence as the only reference I had were a dozen pics of them in action on the field LOL (funny how non-cakey people think we are magicians)

Dark chocolate mudcake with chocolate ganache layers and a fondant cover

Food safe vinyl board covering

Gumpaste figurine on cake along with exploding stars – I wanted to get away from the silver cachous in the centre (because they are an absolute nightmare when you go to cut the cake, can’t contain them and bouncing everywhere – was lucky to have on hand some small baking type smarties and sat there and picked out the red, yellow and green ones.

Cake was well received by all at the party – especially the birthday girl

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Pam, Sydney Australia, www.facebook.com/applegum


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Michal Bulla ...

I like it, well done!

Goreti ...

so cute

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21st Birthday - Exploding Stars and Gumpaste Figurine