Come On In, the Water is Fine!

This is a cake I made for a couple’s annual Lobster Boil Party. My 2 year old was nervous that the lobsters would be in the hot water, so I told him it was a hot tub for the lobsters. He decided it was a bubble bath. So then I thought, well that is actually pretty funny. What if it was a Lobster “Spa” and the lobsters turned the water temp down so it was more of a hot tub. The cake (the pot) is a three layer vanilla sponge cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate ganache with Chambord. The lobsters are fondant covered Rice Crispies Treats, and then brushed with petal dust. the water is marbled fondant with balls of white modeling chocolate as bubbles. The lemon is modeling chocolate dusted with petal dust. The sign is a sugar sheet with sugar sheet letters. The “spa” is written with a food color pen. I had so much fun making this cake! Always fun when you get to mix in a little humor.

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Jenny, Castle Rock, CO


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Goreti ...

well done!

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Come On In, the Water is Fine!