Evil Clown Cake

I made this cake as a surprise for the owner of a local haunted house. This is of one of his characters, Spoils the Clown. Hat came out a little small but was happy with it over all! It’s all cake (Devil’s Food) covered with marshmallow fondant. The funnest parts of making this were the eyes, mouth and applying the “blood”, lol, I like gory. :)

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CuriAUSSIEty Cakes ...

This is definitely creepy and no one but you would know about the hat. Someone once told me on here not to point out the flaws on m y cake as others would only see that as a design element,lol. Great job and my 20 yr old would be screaming like a little girl right now if I gave this too him he is deadly scared of clowns so that tells me your cake is AWESOME!!!

Tami Chitwood ...

Thank you! I will have to remember that. I like that, design element. :)

And LOL! I can relate to that, have always had an aversion to clowns. Although it’s the non-scary ones that creep me out the most!

Verusca Walker ...

Fantastic!!!! I love creepy scare cakes. Job well done!!!!

Michal Bulla ...

Coool :)

Bev Jones ...

Amazing cake! I love it

Tami Chitwood ...

Thank you all! I love creepy cakes. :)

Goreti ...

Great job! As far as the hat goes, I actually like the size. I think it adds to the creepiness. lol

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Evil Clown Cake