Pink bow wedding cake

A tricky one as I had tried a different brand of sugar paste which I didn’t get on with at all and after much cursing(!) and a few tears I went back to my usual brand and achieved a nice smooth covering. I had not made a pearl border before and initially I tried making them using a plastic bead maker, I found this really hard to use and I couldn’t get it to cut nice neat uniform beads of fondant. I then tried a silicone bead mould from first impressions which worked perfectly. At £30 it was bit of an investment but it was well worth it. This design is based on one that the bride found on the Internet. She was very keen to have an exact replica so I did my best to do the original justice.

The different tiers are:

5" fruit
7" & 9" vanilla sponge layered with raspberry jam & vanilla buttercream
11" chocolate cake with ganache

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Goreti ...

very pretty

Kaye ...

Absolutely beautiful so worth the cursing lol

Elli Warren ...

Beautiful! so perfect and pretty! :-)

jan14grands ...

It is so pretty.

Laura Loukaides ...

Lovely cake, the bow is just stunning!!
Great work!! Xx

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Pink bow wedding cake