Flowers from my Alan Dunn class

I just finished a 3 day class with Alan Dunn. wow- what a great experience. He’s an incredible teacher and so talented. These are my flowers from those 3 days.

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Goreti ...

Lucky you! It must have been wonderful. I’m a big fan of his but I will have to settle for his books. The flowers are so gorgeous!

Radhika ...

A, you’re so lucky! And the flowers look incredible!

Mirabelle Cake Design ...

Thank you! I have to say..he’s not only talented beyond belief and the best teacher imaginable…but he’s such a good natured person too, I was very impressed with his wit, sense of humor and personality. He’s just a great guy!

Helen Ward ...

Gorgeous flowers!

Goreti ...

I’m so glad to hear that is a nice person. Sometimes you meet people that you think highly of and they are not so nice. He is definitely someone that if I had the opportunity I would want to take his classes.

Pamela McCaffrey ...

Absolutely beautiful! xx

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Flowers from my Alan Dunn class