Replica of Dome at University of Notre Dame

Daily Top 3 - Feb 02, 2012

I was asked to recreate the dome and statue of Mary from the University of Notre Dame. I got the dimensions a little off (Mary looks way bigger in proportion to the dome) but overall, it was a fun cake to make. :)

Komel - KC Cakes


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Rene' ...

This is too cool! I have a dear friend who graduated from ND and I have visited and have seen that dome! I will definitely have to show him this cake because I know that he will love it!

Komel Crowley ...

Thanks for the sweet comment Rene’!

Rene' ...

You are most welcome! Again I cannot wait to show my friend!! Well done!!

SarahBeth3 ...

Good job!

I Sugar Coat It! ...


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Replica of Dome at University of Notre Dame