All Aboard for Noah

I was so delighted to make little Noah’s birthday cake…please see his story!!!

Please visit his page, he is truly special ..

Here is his story:

All Aboard For Noah…Noah suffers from a rare and severe heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He had his first open heart surgery at only 2 days old, his second at 5 months old and is expected to have his third sometime this month – it won’t be his last. Noah also has a club foot which will be addressed after he recovers from his upcoming surgery. He was also recently diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome, a very rare genetic defect, attributing to his hypotonia (low muscle tone) and a variety of other serious conditions.

Noah has endured a tremendous amount of complications, related pain and hardships, but through his resilience, fighting spirit, huge heart and God’s grace, has managed to thrive and improve more than any of his doctors could have expected. Noah has a lifetime of tribulations ahead and it is truly amazing how ready he is to continue fighting for his life. He approaches even the worst situation with a huge laugh and smile – he is a miracle and truly a sight to be seen.

Noah is the youngest of 5. He has 4 amazing siblings and 2 loving parents. Noah’s mother, Lissette, was forced to leave her full time job to care for him, leaving Noah’s father, Joe an NYPD officer as the sole provider. Not only are the Diaz’s struggling mentally in this fight, but they are also struggling financially trying desperately to keep up with the abundance of ongoing medical expenses incurred in order to provide Noah with the best constant care, rehab and hospitalization. The debt has past the point of sacrifice and has become unmanageable and a major risk to the Diaz family’s stability.

Insurance is a nightmare (covers only the bare minimum). Money is no object when it comes to Noah, but the pool has run dry and the Diaz’s need your help!

Everybody, please pray, send positive thoughts, and show your support by giving what you can. Every dollar helps!

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All Aboard for Noah