My very first decorated cake!

This is the very first cake u decorated with hand made flowers! It was an experimental cake and it was a load of fun to make! I wish I had more cutters and skill to make one of those stunning cakes I see on this site! I will be needing a load of practice!


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Goreti ...

Very pretty—I totally understand about the cutters. I often wish the same but I have learned to do a lot of things without cutters. Does take a lot longer but I like the challenge. You have a lot of talent. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

Maxine Kristi Morris ...

I don’t have many cutters and there not many places here in Germany where they make pretty cakes for me to learn! I search the Internet like crazy for free tutorials! Most of my free time after work I spend making flowers with what I have! I hope to become a pro someday!

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My very first decorated cake!