My Little Pony Castle

This was the most difficult request Ive gotten so far to come up with a design. I was asked to make a My Little Pony, Hot Pink, Zebra Stripe, Cheetah Print, with Ariel. I posted to the message board and Toni from Whitecrafty and Karen from Karmarie where there to support me! Cant thank the two of you enough. After reading your post I decided the only way to pull all these themes together was to add a theme of my own….A CASTLE! The Birthday girl LOVED that we got everything she loves on the cake! When she first received it she thought it was a play set! The cake in the center of the balcony was made of rice krispy and chocolate mixed and formed in biscuit cutters. Then covered in fondant and hand painted cheetah print. Thanks again Toni and Karen!!!

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Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,


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Karen Seeley ...

YAY! You did it!! I knew you could do it!! It is ADORABLE!!! I am SURE she loved it!!! WOW.. Any girl would love that cake!!

BellaCakes & Confections ...

Thank you so much Karen! I love Ya! Your comments helped so much to clear my head and let me see what was important and what wasn’t!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Thank you for the shout out Diane, that was so sweet of you. We are all here to support one another in any way we can! I love that you pulled all of the little girls ideas together with the castle theme. Such a brilliant idea! Everything looks so amazing together! Your My Little Ponies, and Ariel are ADORABLE!!

BellaCakes & Confections ...

Thank you so much Toni! I am so greatful to have met you on this site!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

And I’m so glad to have met you on this site too!

Goreti ...

What a great way to put that all together!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Wonderful job!!! Looks Great!!! Well done!!! xxx

BellaCakes & Confections ...

Thanks so much ladies appreciate your comments! :-)

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My Little Pony Castle