Lord of the rings eye of sauron

This was the first cake I had been asked to do where I really didnt like it or want to do it.
I left it to the last minute but once I started on it I really enjoyed it.
There was something about painting on it by hand that made it all come alive.
I don’t have a steady enough hand yet to have hand painted the writing around the side so it was an edible image. On the photos you can see its still very wet.


Tags: birthday cake edible image eye painting lord of the rings lotr eye of sauron hand

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)


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Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

This is so COOL!!! Well done!! xxx

Kirstie's cakes ...

Thank you I did enjoy doing the painting on it :0)

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Lord of the rings eye of sauron