Marbled Galaxy

Here’s a cake I did for a photoshoot with pink, blue and purple as the ‘food’ theme. I figured with the whole galaxy craze in tights, jumpers and sneakers, I’d bring it into cake. It’s done with a stippling motion but ‘softened’ with a flat brush as I wanted it to look more airbrushed than painted and the soft flat brush removed the little spots from the stippling.

My arm almost fell off by the end of it, but I love how it turned out. A friend of mine makes jewellery and it all comes in a base colour of gold, so I tried to tie it all together with the accessories by adding strips of gold glitter bands around the bottom of each tier.

Zeena -


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Michal Bulla ...

Wow, great job!

MissPiggy ...

Thank you!

kmac ...


MissPiggy ...

Thanks :-)

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Marbled Galaxy