The Caped Crusader (Fondant Superhero)

Story of a little boy who was afraid of bats from the time he was really young and the transformation of little Bruce Wayne to Batman the dark crusader who mops up evil in Gotham city. He is not just another Superhero, he is the epitome of human courage and the sheer will to overcome fear – All this, without any superpowers. No wonder he is a hero to young ones all over the world… My Godson is a huge fan and requested the caped crusader to attend his 4th Birthday. I opted for Batman in a dark theme standing on top of a building, ready for battle with a full moon in the backdrop and a handful of bats for company. The backdrop is layers of fondant sheets painted on with an Airbrush. I hoped to create an eerie calm before the storm here, the superhero poised for justice, the moon framing him for just that instance, to bring delight to the eyes of a little fan.

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Cake Canvas from ANNAsKITCHEN


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Ruth Byrnes ...

He’s great.

nicola thompson ...

wow what fantastic modeling i think people think it is a toy cant believe you have no comments fantastic work

The Cake Tin ...


Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

AMAZING Modeling!!! It really look’s like a toy!!!! ATTENTION!!! BATMAN IT’S NOT A TOY!!! Brilliant job Ann!!! xxx

Anna Mathew Vadayatt ...

Thanks a lot …its hand modeled in fondant…:) not a toy

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The Caped Crusader (Fondant Superhero)