Baby shower cake in blue for boy (all buttercream)!

All buttercream~ frost 1/2 s. cake (12 × 18-in.), mix 2-3 shades of blue.

  1. icin bag w/o tip, but w/ coupler in bag, pipe blue icin booties in center of cake. Smooth inside top of bootie w/ finger dipped in very warm water (shake offf excess water before smoothing). Pipe ruffle boarder around top edge of bootie, and ball on top of bootie.
    Write name or message on cake. Put deeper blue buttercream bows on either side of booties, swirls in 2-3 shades of blue and white swirls, all around edges.
    Beaded boarders on top and bottom edges w/ dots in between every 3 beads. Scalloped boarder around bottom boarder beads. Dots also placed between swirls~

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Nancy (Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering)


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Baby shower cake in blue for boy (all buttercream)!