Reaching new heights - rock climbing cake

My brother is an avid rock climber and is taking on Mount Kilimanjaro in November, raising money for Parkinson’s UK (well done you!) so when I saw a r"ock climbing cake on Pinterest":, I knew that’s what he had to have.

However, I had a bust up with the icing and ended up throwing the whole thing away! I rolled it out about seven times and every time I tried to lift it, it would crack. I put it on top of the cake at one point and the sides just collapsed leaving a circle on top of the cake so I gave up, swore a little bit and then took a deep breath!

I had to rescue the cake by adding an extra layer of ganache and leaving it pretty rustic looking. I also think the climber was a touch too large for the size of the cake. It was a 6 inch four layer chocolate sponge which ended up 7 1/2 inches high.

As ever, I welcome feedback but please don’t be too harsh – I am still learning and this is only my fifth ever cake!

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Ruth Byrnes ...

Great cake. Love your colours. The fact that it is covered in chocolate makes it even more appealing to me. Yummy. I wouldn’t have worried about the icing looking a bit rough. After all it’s rocks so they are rough looking anyway and you could always stick another rock on top of a tear. Well done to your brother!

Mummypuddleduck ...

Thanks Ruth

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Reaching new heights - rock climbing cake