white chocolate cigarillos wedding cake

I made this for my friends wedding party, the cigarillos made of white chocolate, inside the cake is a traditional Hungarian wedding cake called Eszterhazy torta, a walnut cake with light vanilla custard filling. Handmade gum paste roses.

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Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Beautiful!!! xxx

Goreti ...


ALW1980 ...

Did you make the white chocolate cigarellos on your own or buy them? I want to make a wedding cake like this (but much bigger) in October, and am looking for the nice big thick ones like you have on this cake, instead of the skinny ones.
Let me know!

Edit Herman ...

Hi Ann,
I did make them on my own yes! You need acetate or some kind of vinyl to spread the melted chocolate on them, roll it up, secure it with a tape and let it cool down, when you release the tape the chocolate will actually roll out. There is tricky side to this though, you make sure that when you roll up the acetate with the melted chocolate the chocolate sides will have to touch each other to make a complete roll, otherwise you will have a gap there when you open it. I actually have pictures of these how I made them but the instructions are in Hungarian. Here is the link to that website:

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white chocolate cigarillos wedding cake