Scottish Thistles

This is my first attempt at making thistles. Couldn’t really find any tutorials online so much of it was guesswork. The flower bit is made from thread and all the rest gumpaste, not the correct leaf cutter but I’m hoping no-one will notice that!! They’re for a cake for a couple getting married at Gretna Green who want just thistles for the decoration. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated :) x

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Janice, Kidderminster UK,


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Calli Creations ...

I know these are really not easy to do after having done only one…. well done!!! they are fabulous!!!

Janice Baybutt ...

Thanks very much Calli, I feel a bit more confident about putting them on the cake now!! :) xx

Goreti ...

Well done! They are beautiful!

Janice Baybutt ...

Thanks Goreti x

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Love them!!! Beautifully done!!! xxx

Nina ...

Ohh I need to make some thistle .. These look great,hope mine turn out as good x

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Scottish Thistles