Oxford Shirt and Red Tie Cake

This oxford shirt inspired me from another cake designer, my cousin, which she is so talented. She made a similar design of shirt last year for her husband and father. This year was my turn to make one for my dad, March 19th is Saint Joseph in Spain, my dad’s name is Jose, also that day we celebrate Father’s Day in some spanish speaking countries.

So i decided myself to make one and turned out very challenging, fondant is made from scratch with marshmallows, come out ok, it started to break at the ends, other than that it behaved nicely.
The collar is made of gumpaste because i need it to stand up. Everything else is fondant.

Glad it came out nice, white fondant is very hard to work to keep it clean!

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Maria Blanes, http://sugarmistcreations.blogspot.com/


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Goreti ...

Well done!

Mrs Millie's ...

Love it!

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Oxford Shirt and Red Tie Cake