Angela and Jarrod

Customer supplied the design for this cake, should have been simple and straightforward !!!!!!! pffft, you would think I would know by now to NEVER think that. No cake is easy in 36+ degree heat and no air conditioning.

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trudypeterson ...

looks great , well done

hellen anderson ...

Flawless looks great

Christine ...

What we think is going to be simple never seems to be the case. And with ‘simple’ designs there is nowhere to hide any errors so they have to be spot on. Great job! x

Unusual cakes for you ...

thank you Hellen and Trudy :)

Unusual cakes for you ...

You are definitely right there Chillipepper, and you would think I would have learnt my lesson by now, the cakes you think pffft that’s going to be a cinch are always the one that have you sweating lol .

Lena Bender ...

Looks great Robin….so that’s what the cricut cutter does. It’s perfect.

Unusual cakes for you ...

Thanks Lena, started to think it was the biggest waste of money I had spent. At least I have perfected the cuts with it, but still not convinced it was worth the outlay for how much I use it :)

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Angela and Jarrod