Leopard and Quilted tier cake

This cake was a first for a number of things:

Quilting: so much easier than I expected – I used an embossing mat to gently indent the markings then followed the lines to make a deeper impression with a scribing tool.

Leopard print: I sprayed a white fondant base with gold wilton lustre in a haphazard fashion, then hand painted random dots/uneven circles in brown and outlined in black – both with Americolour gel colours diluted with vodka

Ribbon Roses: folded fondant strip then rolled up, pinching randomly as you go.

The colour combination disappointed me a little but purple is just so dang difficult to make in a deep shade!! Anyone have any tips for home colouring purple or any recommendations on a deep purple pre-coloured fondant brand?

Thanks for looking :)

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sasha ...

Well done Kate!!! You’ve inspired me to try quilting now too!! It’s been on my to do list for a while….. so you may get an SOS message!! lol

S x

Jason Robinson ...

cool leopard print

Kate ...

Haha, cheers Sash! I was exactly the same but the impression mat made it fuss free and really worked well as a guide for the deeper impressions. The tool just glided along the mark! The only thing is to leave the markings as they fall right at the very back and maybe cover up with a pretty stripe or band… or something. I tried to compensate for them not joining up perfectly which meant I shortened some of length between the markings surrounding it… which in turn meant that toward the back my cashous/silver dragee thingees went sloping down in an arc before coming back up due to the criss crossing happening at a different level. Yeah, that looked weird so don’t do that. Whoa. Did any of that make ANY sense?? Hahahaha. Ok, so that’s the end of my free advice. Any more will be charged accordingly. Or alternatively direct any SOS’ing straight to Raewyn… Because we all know she has TONNES of free time. I bet she’s twiddling her thumbs and lolly gagging about as we type. Or totally sleeping. Because she does SOOO much of that. Omg, we haven’t had a stirring up sesh in such a long time – like how I just get right back on the horse?? Mwhahaha. Big <3 S – Kate x

Radhika ...

Ooooooh! It looks fabulous! What about the bling on the 21?

Kate ...

Hi Raika :) The 21 is gumpaste cut from a print out, skewered, dried then brushed with water and sprinkled with silver holographic cake glitter (over a sheet of grease proof paper so that mass of glitter that falls off can just be poured right back in the container.) Hope this helps :)

Ciccio ...

Fantastic Kate love that leopard print & colour combo

Delicia Designs ...

So fabulous Kate! Love it!

Goreti ...


Calli Creations ...

That’s gorgeous and LOVE the whole eclectic feel to the cake… your leopard skin painting is fabulous!!! well done hon!! xx

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Leopard and Quilted tier cake