Winter Carnival Cake

Our Winter Carnival holds a cake Auction every year to raise money for our local food pantries. I was very excited to be able to make a cake that would give back to the community…so, I thought it’d be a great idea to replicate our Carnival button designed by a local young lady and of course add my own little spin to it. The theme this year was “It’s a Jungle Out There”. Overall I was happy w/ the way the cake turned out…but, sadly it didn’t raise much money at the auction! :(

(keeping w/ the theme this is a Pina Colada Cake)

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Goreti ...

very nice!

CakeChick ...

Thanks Goreti! :)

Karen's Kakery ...

Well I thik it’s brillient. I did a similar thing for cancer research last year but it didn’t take much either. Never mind, you had fun making it, and every cake we make we learn something new. Is it light up inside?
Well done anyway xx

CakeChick ...

Thanks Karen for your kind words! I did have fun making it and I definitely learn something new w/ every cake. I used sugar cubes to build the “ice castle” stringing some LED’s though them as they were placed on the cake giving it a glowing affect.

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Great idea!!! The final result is Lovely!!! xxx

CakeChick ...

TY AnaRemigio! :)

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Winter Carnival Cake