Skylanders Portal of Power with Gill Grunt Figurine

My cousins son wanted a skylander portal cake. For those that dont know what a skylander was ( I didnt until i started this cake ) its a game you can play on PS2/Wii/DS etc The portal is what you use to make the characters come to life on screen. You can change the characters to play someone new. Or so my 9 year old godson William told me LOL, Well Jalil wanted the Portal cake and LOVED the character Gill Grunt ( its a fish looking thing with Arms/Legs who uses a gun ) Yeah I thought that too What tha?
SO I Searched high and low to find this character! Apparently he was a Series one character and the characters get “retired” LUCKY for me I found one preloved for $6 SCORE! So I used him as a model and made the Gill Grunt out of gumpaste. I placed him on top of the cake and Jalil was thrilled and told me It was the one he wanted :)

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Skylanders Portal of Power with Gill Grunt Figurine