Garden Love <3

I usually make Veggie gardens for my fall cabins… I’ve been doing that since the mid 90’s… but I’ve never really thought to put them on an 8" cake before! Let alone make a person out of anything other than modeling chocolate… but the order came in and I couldn’t resist. This came from a lovely 70 year old woman who wanted to bless her husband on Valentine’s Day. She didn’t really have the money for this cake, but I quoted her a less expensive one and then made it anyway. She was so delighted, and so was her hubby! So, congratulations on a great Valentines Day, Dee! And thanks for challenging me to do my veggies on something else :)

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Kelilah, Missouri,


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Michal Bulla ...

Beautiful cake ;)

Goreti ...

Great job!

Kelilah ...

Thank You!

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Garden Love <3