Serious chocolate lovers giant cupcake

Well after an eventful couple of days I can report I finally got my cake finished.
I had forgotten I had changed to a new mixture so it took 3 attempts to get the giant cupcake perfect but I have the timings off to a T now.
The cake is a plain sponge cupcake with buttercream and jam filling encased in a milk chocolate base with piped ganache on the top and unwrapped ferrero rochers finished off with a touch of edible spay gold on them.
I didn’t have time to so the lettering in chocolate paste so its and edible image cut and shapes just to add on.

Tags: ferrero roche giant cupcake gold edible image shell

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)


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Goreti ...

Looks awesome!

Kirstie's cakes ...

Thank you apparently it was :-)

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Serious chocolate lovers giant cupcake