Mickey & Minnie 3D Mud cake with Disney friends and edible images.

This was the first time I’d attempted a Disney themed cake and I must say it was certainly a challenge to make such large characters in actual cake. The board was 90cm in length and you can kind of get an idea of scale from the rear view photo.
It has been extremely hot here in Western Australia so I added extra cmc to help with keeping everything upright lol but the down side is it made the icing more prone to cracking.
Mickey & Minnie’s heads were sculpted out of rice bubbles and marshmallow ….. they did become fairly heavy so I required some pretty serious supports in their bodies as the cake had to travel nearly an hour in the car and last thing I wanted was for heads to roll !!!!
The cake arrived safely at little Olivia’s first Birthday celebrations and the cake and the guests survived the sweltering heat as the mercury past 40 degrees that day but being held at the beautiful Mullaloo Beach Park the sea breeze helped keep things a little cooler.
Being held in a public place I was so proud to have total strangers come up and ask if they could take a closer look at the cake…it’s such a joy to see the children s faces and even though this cake certainly saw me burning the midnight oil I left the party feeling very happy that I’d managed to create what Donna ( Olivia’s Mum) had requested and it had worked !!!!

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Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Fabulous job you did!!! Lovely!!!xxx

Julie Anne White ...

Thanks Ana, really lovely to get your feedback :)

Goreti ...

nice job!

Julie Anne White ...

Thank you Goreti :)

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Mickey & Minnie 3D Mud cake with Disney friends and edible images.