Wubbzy for Brooklyn

I get to learn about new children’s characters all the time when I make kiddos’ birthday cakes!! Wow Wow Wubbzy cake with sculpted fondant Wubbzy character on top of a krispy treat ball covered in blue fondant. Pink fondant covered marble with cookies n cream cake. Airbrush pearl lustre over the entire cake (because I’m really loving that look right now!) The krispies were very cooperative that day!

Tags: fondant wubbzy pink birthday krispy treats

Suanne, www.facebook.com/crazycakes4u


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Tiffany Palmer ...

Nice work! My daughter just pointed and said Wubbzy so you have her approval! =)

Suanne ...

Thank you :-) I test out the recognizability of any kids’ designs on my resident four-year old. I’m so glad I have your daughter’s approval also!

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Wubbzy for Brooklyn