Funeral cake, river barge down the river orwell - lady daphne

This cake was a visual representation of a poem written about a couple who have sadly passed away, he was a barge skipper of the famous “lady daphne” he met his wife at a young age and they had 11 children. The cake signifies the two of them being reunited and sailing away together past significant points (the orwell & pin mill) to whatever lies ahead be it heaven or something else

From Stoke to the river I strolled and would dwell

Twas the Orwell by name, and the weather was well

I spyed a young mate on a barge that day

We looked at each other in a familiar way

He was to become my soul mate, for sixty a year

And never a dull day, would ever appear

For we knew from that day, in a special way

Our lives would grow old together

We never did mean, for a football team

But somehow produced our own squad

They seemed to appear, year after year

First came a son, then came the girls

As we bandaged their fears and kissed away tears

They grew into adults, so proud

We lost count at twenty, oh there were plenty

Of beautiful children around

We taught them to love, and let it show

Now we watch them grow, so fear not my loves

My soul mate awaits, its time to sail away

There’ll be many smiles on our nautical miles

As we pass through the gates together

For Spearo awaits and I mustn’t be late, he’s already booked our space

So hold back your tears, I’ve relinquished all fears

Am safe and calm and true, I’m home again where it all began

With my mate, my mate, my mate.

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Goreti ...

great job!

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Funeral cake, river barge down the river orwell - lady daphne