Waiting - Avdvent Cake.

My aunt works in my old high school, and she asked me to make a cake to donate to the school’s Christmas Fayre.

Because it’s a Catholic school, I knew it needed a religious theme. Because the fayre was in the last week of November, I decided a Nativity-themed cake would be inappropriate.

In the end, I settled on creating some angels, who were to be waiting for Jesus’ birth. The angel’s faces were inspired by three of my favourite angels on the TV show ‘Supernatural; (Left-to-right on the cake: Castiel, Gabriel, and Balthazar (who is a fictional angel created for the show and, ironically, named after one of the Three Kings who visit baby Jesus). The only reason I didn’t give them their ‘Supernatural’ costumes, too, is that I felt the show is too obscure and unknown for trench coats and low-cut V-necks to be appreciated.

The cake itself was cinnamon and ginger flavoured.

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Waiting - Avdvent Cake.