Dr. Chiu and her family dog

Ok so here’s the story behind this cake. Once upon a time I used to live in SF, California. Haven’t been back since but thanks to FB I got in touch with many of my old SF friends and many of them have been supporting my work. So one day before Christmas I got a message from my friend Yayu saying how she would like to have something made for her cousin’s birthday (who lives in Toronto) on the 27th. It’s such a nice gesture I couldn’t say no. The cake is of her cousin Candice whom is a Veterinarian and the family dog Popcorn that passed away some time ago. There’s also matching cake pops to go with the cake. I personally made the surprise delivery today and lucky for me we had the first snow storm in Toronto this winter so you can imagine how nerve wrecking the drive was… But I’m very happy with how it turned out, especially when there’s a wonderful story behind it. Hope you like your cake Candice! And thank you Yayu for your support all the way from Cali! ?

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Dr. Chiu and her family dog