Wedding Rehearsal Cakes

Both cakes are red velvet. Iced in pina colada flavored b/c & pina colada white & black homemade mmf. Purple colour on cake board were the brides colours. I put a lace design on the wedding dress and dusted in pearl lustre dust to make it pop. Used a dollar store pearl necklace for embellishment & leftover pearls from necklace to enhance the bridal gown neckline. Tuxedo was also dusted in lustre dust. Added the purple rose butonniere in the lapel to match brides colours. :o)

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Clarky's Cakes 😎


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Goreti ...

Great job on it June. Looks great! Never thought of red velvet with pina colada. Interesting combination.

June/"Clarky's Cakes" ...

Thanks Goerti
It was a hurried photo taken as I had to rush out to deliver the cake. Actually, I should have mentioned I added pina colada flavoring to the red velvet cake as well. Wasn’t any significant scraps of cake left, so never got a real taste. But at wedding yesterday, they all raved about it, so guess it was good. That always makes you happy, hearing cake was liked & enjoyed. :o)

Linda Wolff ...

These turned out Great June!

Marilu' Giare' Art ...

Great work June !! _

June/"Clarky's Cakes" ...

Thank you….

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Wedding Rehearsal Cakes