6" and 8" cubes flat iced and finished with a design inspired by Macintosh

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Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Great job!!! xxx

Calli Creations ...


Goreti ...

Love this beauty!

miettes ...

Wow, love it !!!

Melanie ...

thank you x

Natalie King ...

Please tell me if the cakes are buttercream or fondant? if they are fondant covered how on earth did you get them that sharp!?

Melanie ...

Hi Natalie, this actual one is royal icing with runout roses. It can also be done with snowwhite buttercream but I wouldn’t use the runout roses because of the fat content in the buttercream. To use fondant cover sides one piece at a time gently rubbing the join. if the fondant is too soft add a small amount of cmc. Hope this helps x

Natalie King ...

Brilliant! thank you! i need to make 4 for a baby block christening cake and the customers wants them to be sharp like proper blocks! I couldnt imagine how you would make the edges really sharp if you covered the block with fondant, it would take hours surely to try and sharpen every edge?!

Melanie ...

HI Natalie, I have created a number of cakes that require sharp edges: this is a baby block one I did years ago so not a great image of it
I am happy to advise you if you would like, but send via a private message, thanks. x Melanie

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