Baby shower in VA via Mail

This little chocolate cake, covered in Fondant with Fondant details just left my house via Mail all the way to VA from MS. I hope it’ll make it till Sat for the Baby shower my friend is hosting. lol
I’ve had great success mailing little cakes with no filling, covered in Fondant via Mail.
The pictures show how I pack it to ensure a “save” delivery.
1. The first picture shows the cake on its cake board.
The cake board is trimmed a little smaller the the box to be used to ship the cake in. The cake needs to be a
little smaller then the cake board to leave room for the Butter cream Frosting, Fondant and Fondant boarder.
After the cake is covered, you shouldn’t be able to see any, or very little, of the cake board.
2. I cover the cake with Viva and then wrap the whole thing in Saran Wrap. Tape to secure.
3. Bubble Wrap the cake. I do it twice and secure it with tape.
4. The bubble wrapped cake sitting in the box. As you can see, no room to move. I actually have to gently push the cake into the box. Make sure not to use force.
5. Fill the rest of the box up with Walmart bags or something similar.
6. Box ready to go out. Priority shipping was $10.95

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Baby shower in VA via Mail