Tire Cake

Hello – my latest cake – a 21" tire cake – entirely edible, made from yellow cake, raspberry filling, italian meriginue butter cream and covered in fondant. Everything is edible including the rim. Hope you enjoy.

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Joanne, Edible Artisits Network


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3DSweets ...

Very, very nice!

OMeuBolo ...

Fantastic job!!! Awesome!

Joanne Prainito ...

Thank you!!

Tiffany Palmer ...

This came out so good! Well done.

Joanne Prainito ...

Thank you so much!!

Tricia ...

I am completely amazed. Completely. I wish I could come learn under you!

Victoria ...

You did an amazing job on this cake, I was wondering how you did the treads on the wheel? Mind sharing? And the Rim, did you use a mold? This is totally amazing & fantastic! My husband would love it!

Thanks Victoria

Joanne Prainito ...

hello Victoria – I purchased a tire tread mold from Caljava.com – for the rim, I purchased a cheap set of rims from Walmart, they were $15.00, i then covered them in plastic wrap and molded gumpaste over the top and let it dry. I took the real rim and pressed into the cake and then removed so the rim would lay easily onto the cake.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

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Tire Cake