Skylanders Cake 2013

Made for a kid at church. Cake is chocolate with chocolate buttercream. Top tier is cake with rice krispies treats for the details like the columns and upper ledge. Both tiers are covered in Fondx World Brand fondant and then airbrushed. The disks are also fondant which I painted with food coloring. The top disk is made from melted Life Savers candies and placed over LED lights. The figurine was bought. This is my first time using an airbrush even though I have owned it for over 6 months.

Tags: birthday blue gray purple green brown orange red white black yellow cake chocolate skylanders portal candy life savers life savers led lights led lights paint air brush fondant

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Tracy ...

Thanks Ana. :)

Jteam ...

Love the cake. How did you get the led lights to work in there? My 8 year old was all over your picture. The light is definitely the coolest thing. If you don’t mind sharing the secret of how you did the light to work in there, I would appreciate it. Thanks

Tracy ...

The LED lights are small and for balloons, I used 3

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Skylanders Cake 2013