# 60 Birthday Cake - Treats By Selene

I made a wonderful almond cake in the shape of a 60!

This recipe was to die for. I found this great Almond Pound cake recipe from Paula Deen. If you are looking for an almond cake please try this recipe! On a side note my room mate and boyfriend ate all the cake scraps with left over buttercream!

I used gold spray to give a air brushed affect across the top and cut out some stars in black as accents. My client wanted little messages on the cake about her dad. I made those with fondant and painted the blue onto the ribbon for more of gloss effect and used edible markers for the other text.

For the message on the front I HAND PAINTED every letter gold with edible luster dust. That took an hour because I had to make sure every spot was colored. Trust me I wished often why no one has invented golden and sparkly chocolate, or I just have not come across it yet. I laid a thin strip of fondant down and placed the letters across the front of cake. Then I was finally done.

See more pictures at http://bakedbyselene.wordpress.com

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# 60 Birthday Cake - Treats By Selene