No1 Tinkerbell Cake

This cake is for a little girl celebrating her 1st birthday this weekend. I have previously made a Mickey cake for the little girl’s brother and their mummy gave me a free rein with the design. I lleft the cake overnight once I had covered it in fondant and sat trying to cover it with a purple lustre this morning, but the effect was streaky and the more I applied the worse it got. In the end I spray painted it and the result was much better. I have never experienced this before and my bauble cakes always cover beautifully. I can only assume that the fondant was too dry to take the lustre!

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

It turned out beautiful! I love the color!!

Scrummy Mummy's Cakes ...

Thanks Toni, two more before Christmas and ten a couple of weeks down time:-)

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No1 Tinkerbell Cake