MAC Make-up travel case cake

Novelty Cake.

This was designed for a girl who loves her MAC make-up, for her sweet 16th birthday party.

I took really poor photos that day. and if the customer didnt ask if i took photos already, I would have forgotten! lol. i was up all night making it so was very tired.

The cake is based on a travel make-up case, and the bottom is a pull-out drawer with mini cupcakes as “eyeshadow pots”. I added some shimmer on those which really made a difference. The brushes,lipsticks are made from sugarpaste. The top 2 eyeshadows are also mini cupcakes.

I painted the pink leopard spot for the cake base. looking back I should have added more spots for better effect. oh well next time :)

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Cupcakegina ...

I LOVE THIS…How did you make the back the stand up?

SLBakes ...

Hi the back was not cake. I used a regular square cake board, covered in sugarpaste and skewered cocktails sticks into the board and then into the cake.

Even though it stayed secure on the cake, it moved around a little when you carried the cake around! It was very nerve wrecking. I was so relieved when the customer said the cake survived the drive home, and stayed well the whole night until the party on the following day.

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MAC Make-up travel case cake