Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!

As a last minute cake (why do relatives call less than 2 days before a party?), this has got to be one of the most trying cakes I’ve ever done. The little boy turning 2 years old absolutely loved it, and he especially loved Larry. The first thing he did after blowing out the candles was pick Larry up and bite his head off! The pirate ship was made from molded RKT and covered in fondant. I’ve had success with RKT in the past but this time I couldn’t get it as smooth as I wanted, resulting in the uneven surface and spots that required “patches”. Also, the original masts were molded from RKT like the cannon on the front, but all 3 broke as I tried to insert them into the ship. I just didn’t have the time I would’ve liked to work on it. The cake itself (the water) was absolutely delicious! I used Magnolia Bakery’s recipe for Vanilla Birthday Cake and Vanilla Buttercream. It’s always a big hit!

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it is so cute

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Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!