Boob cake

This was my first ever boob cake.
it was ordered by a lady who had been suffering from breast cancer and has just undergone reconstruction surgery and this cake was for her surgeon and the breat care team to thank them for their care.
very different from the usual choclates and flowers !
she wanted the nipples out and the breast cancer symbol on the cake somewhere.
i made it in 1.5ltr pyrex bowls,its a vanilla masie sponge with vanilla buttercream.
I was going to decorate the bra with spots and incorporate the ribbon onto it but as I was putting the spots on it detrated from the ribbon which i thought was very important on the whole design so i kept it simple and left the spots off !
it was a massive hit with the customer and the surgeon and team were extatic with it .he said " its a work of art" and loved the attention to detail on the nipples !
I really enjoyed making it I hope you like it too x

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Jenny Buss - Truly Scrumptious


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Boob cake