Steampunk Electric Minion !!!

My contribution for the Sugarjunkies group collaboration
Minion 2 – The Revenge _ S J Collaboration 2019.

My name is Leena Sawant from India. ☺

My Facebook page link 👇

I am happy to share my work with you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and the awesome platform for the cake artist around the world ☺😘

Cake name: Steampunk Electric Minion !!!

🔷 Cute Yellow creatures with child like behavior are extremely hilarious…

I have created a steampunk themed minion inspired by the work of Dmitry Ten.
The minion has feiry eyes made up of isomalt and electric parts made up of fondant., & have used gelatin sheets on the sides around to show the transparent effect ( inside the same have made electric parts ) to show the effect inside the body of the minion. I have used edible gold and sliver dust to show the metallic effect.. For the Cake board have given the wooden effect..☺ ❤

If Minion could have generated electricity at our homes 😍😁☺😊❤💕

Supplies: isomalt satin ice fondant rice krispie treats cake gold dust silver dust edible colours edible print

Tools: rolling pin exacto knife eyeball mold cookie cutters brushes

Tags: minion cake #sugarjunkies #satinicefondant #cakeartist #cakeart


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The Garden Baker ...

An abundancy of cuteness! Bravo! Fantastic job!

Derika ...

perfect !!

Ditsan ...


Torty Zeiko ...


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 Steampunk Electric Minion !!!