Baby Shower Cake (a disaster)

I made this beautiful baby shower cake that had two tiers—the bottom tier had cascading ruffles and the second tier (pictured above) had more ruffles. All the decorations were hand made and edible (minus the giant gem).

Here is the disaster part of the part: While enroute to delivering this two-tiered cake, a sudden stop and swerve (to avert a car accident) caused the top tier to collapse on its side and “breaking” apart the bottom tier (the center dowel holding both tiers together fell intact with the top tier). I had a bad feeling about delivering this cake from the get-go, but I had delivered many two and three tiered cakes with no problems. So, I managed to salvage the top tier, but not my self-confidence (I was too devastated to deliver only one tier). The clients were very understanding and still wanted to keep the bottom tier to serve. They sent me a beautiful note the next day telling me how much they loved the cake (whew!) and saved the top tier for the next day for mommy-and-daddy-to-be to enjoy.

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Goreti ...

So sorry to hear about what happened to you. I can certainly understand how you feel. My cakes are only for family which I do as gifts. Every time I bring one, I think of what it must be like for pros to deliver for a paying customer. I would be a nervous wreck. I get nervous but at least they didn’t pay me for them.

DeliciousCreations ...

I don’t do too many cakes—4 cakes a month (5 tops). When a disaster does happen to a cake, I just charge them for the “surviving” cake—I know I lose money but I still keep my clients. Thank you, though for understanding. Have a great day!

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Baby Shower Cake (a disaster)