My First Ever Wedding Cake

I know, all the cakes I’ve made were my first times. I just couldn’t contain the joy and happiness everytime I see these cakes. This was the 2nd cake my 2nd cousin passed on to me. And this time, she admitted that she found it quite difficult to make polygon-shaped cakes that’s why she asked me for help. I have also never tried a polygon-shaped cake before. My risk taker attitude started to kick in again. Not having past experience with cakes that are more than 2 tiers, I took the challenge again. Now equipped with the new skill I acquired after attending the silk-like flower class, I was able to fulfill the couple’s dream wedding cake.


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Sandra Smiley ...


Mark ...

Thank you Sandra 🤗

Elli Warren ...

Looks beautiful! :-) x

Mark ...

Thank you Elli :)

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My First Ever Wedding Cake